Jenny’s Inspiring Call to Action on Bolton FM

Our lovely co-founder, Jenny, represented AACR on Bolton FM just after 11am today. Here is the link so you can listen to what she had to say:

In a world where the plight of stray and abandoned animals often goes unnoticed, there are passionate individuals and organisations working tirelessly to make a difference. One such shining example is Jenny, the dedicated co-founder from Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue, who recently took to the airwaves on Bolton FM to share the rescue’s mission and highlight the urgent need for donations and volunteers.

Her enthusiasm and dedication to the cause were palpable during her interview on Bolton FM, a community radio station known for its commitment to local causes.

Bolton FM provided Jenny with a powerful platform to reach out to the local community. During her segment, she shared information about the many cats and kittens we have for adoption, and the long waiting list of cats waiting to come into rescue. Sadly, we have had to close our doors to needy cats until cats are adopted or fosterers come forward to create space in rescue. Jenny also highlighted AACR’s increasing vet bills and the need for donations – AACR is a non-profit organisation and relies solely on donations from the public to continue our important work.

Well done to Jenny for painting a poignant picture of the critical work Avid’s Angels does every day.

One of the central themes of Jenny’s interview was the pressing need for financial support. She explained that donations are the lifeblood of Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue, enabling them to cover essential costs such as veterinary care, food, shelter, and rehabilitation for the cats.

In addition to financial support, Jenny emphasised the desperate need for more volunteers. Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue relies on a network of dedicated individuals who help with everything from daily care and feeding to fostering and transportation. Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding experience – each act of kindness, no matter how small, significantly improves the lives of the cats in our care. She encouraged listeners to consider volunteering, highlighting the various roles available.

Jenny’s heartfelt message has hopefully struck a chord with Bolton FM’s audience. We look forward to a positive response from the community and hope that listeners will reach out to offer their support – new volunteers to sign up, donations to increase, and local businesses to express an interest in forming partnerships with Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue. Jenny’s appearance raised awareness but we also hope it will galvanise the community into action.

Jenny’s appearance on Bolton FM serves as a powerful reminder that everyone can play a part in supporting animal welfare. If you’re inspired by Jenny’s story, here are some ways you can help Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue:

  • Donate: Financial contributions, no matter the size, make a huge difference. Donations help cover the costs of medical care, food, and shelter for the cats.
  • Volunteer: There are numerous ways to get involved, from hands-on care to administrative support. Every bit of help is valuable.
  • Foster: Providing a temporary home for a cat can be incredibly rewarding and helps free up space for more rescues.
  • Spread the Word: Raising awareness is key. Share information about Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue with your friends, family, and social media networks.

To learn more about Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue and find out how you can contribute, visit our website or follow us on social media. Your support can transform the lives of countless cats in need.

Jenny’s heartfelt appeal on Bolton FM is a testament to the incredible impact that dedicated individuals can have when they raise their voices for a cause they believe in. Her unwavering commitment to Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue reminds us all of the importance of community support and the difference we can make when we come together to help those who cannot help themselves.

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