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Unleash Your Generosity: Fundraise for Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue!

Calling all animal lovers and compassionate souls!


Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue needs your support to continue our vital mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for countless cats in the cause and become an advocate for our furry feline friends today by organising a fundraiser that will leave a lasting impact.


We consider ourselves incredibly blessed to be embraced by a compassionate and nurturing community of animal enthusiasts. Within this community, fundraising initiatives play a crucial role in sustaining our charitable endeavors. Quite simply, without the extraordinary generosity and commitment to fundraising from our remarkable friends and supporters, we would be unable to continue our mission and provide the care that animals in need so desperately require. Your contributions make all the difference, and we are forever grateful for your unwavering support.


Together, we can create a brighter future for cats in need!



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Here are some exciting and rewarding ideas to fundraise for Avid's Angels Cat Rescue:

Purr-sonal Challenges: Set yourself a personal challenge and seek sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues. Whether it’s a sponsored run, walkathon or even a cat-themed yoga session, people will be inspired to contribute to your noble cause.

Talents: If you’re not up for a personal challenge, have you considered using your skills and talents to help Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue? You could organise a bake sale or sell items such as knitted goods, greeting cards, candles, etc. Whatever your talent, there is bound to be a way to leverage it to support our cats. By offering your talents, you can make a meaningful contribution to our cause and assist us in caring for those who rely on our support.

Occasions: Do you have a birthday coming up? Or are you getting married soon? How about asking your friends and family to support an Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue fundraiser in lieu of buying you a gift? Facebook fundraisers are very easy to set up.

Whiskers and Waffles: Organise a delightful breakfast event or brunch fundraiser at a local café. Partner with a cat-friendly establishment and offer scrumptious treats to attendees while sharing heart-warming stories about rescued cats. You could even arrange a cozy adoption corner for potential fur-ever families!

Meow Market: Encourage people to donate gently-used pet supplies, cat-themed crafts and other merchandise. Encourage local artisans to contribute their creations and host a pet-themed market or car boot sale, the proceeds from which can be donated to Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue. It’s a win-win for both shoppers and the rescued cats!

Pawsitively Purrfect Art Auction: Reach out to local artists and request donations of cat-themed artwork. Organise an art auction event, where people can bid on these unique creations. Not only will you raise funds for Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue, but you’ll also give artists a platform to showcase their talents.

Virtual Campaigns: In the age of digital connectivity, launch an online crowdfunding campaign for Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue. Create engaging videos, share heart-warming rescue stories and highlight the impact of donations. Leverage social media platforms and email newsletters to spread the word far and wide, inspiring people from all corners of the world to contribute to your worthy cause.

Schools: Ask your child’s school to raise funds to support the cats. Non-uniform days are always popular, and perhaps a sponsored silence or a spellathon could be arranged? ‘Guess the number of cat treats in a jar’, talent competitions and cake sales are other simple ideas.

Workplace: Fundraising for charity in the workplace can be a fantastic way to engage colleagues, foster teamwork, and make a meaningful impact. Get your boss on-side first! Quiz nights, a workplace swear box, ‘Bring a Pound to Work Day’, race nights, dress-down days, etc. are all ideas for starters. You could even suggest that your colleagues donate an hour’s salary and ask the boss to match it! Perhaps your boss would donate a ‘duvet day’ to raffle off?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to organising, participating in or collaborating with friends on fundraising initiatives to support Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue.

There are countless ideas that can be easily implemented to raise funds and make a positive impact for our beloved cats.


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We warmly invite you to reach out and inform us if you are considering arranging a fundraiser for Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue.

We are eager to learn about your upcoming plans and will be happy to promote your fundraising on our social media platforms to help you collect even more donations.

Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to hear all the wonderful details of your initiative!

Remember, no gesture is too small when it comes to supporting Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue.

By organising fundraisers you become an integral part of the journey to save and improve the lives of countless cats in need.

Together, let’s be their heroes, their advocates, and their voices of hope!


Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to help as many animals as we do.

Your fundraising means the world to us!