AACR is now a Certified Microchip Implanter!

In a pioneering effort to ensure the safety and well-being of feline companions, Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue has teamed up with Animaldata to offer a low-cost microchip implant service. With the looming deadline of 10th June 2024 for compulsory microchipping for all cats and kittens, this collaboration aims to make this crucial process accessible to pet owners.

The new regulations are a significant step toward responsible pet ownership and helping lost or abandoned cats find their way back home. Avids Angels Cat Rescue, a prominent name in the animal welfare community, recognised the importance of this initiative and has teamed with Animaldata, a leading provider of pet identification solutions.

This partnership not only raises awareness of the upcoming deadline but also provides a cost-effective solution for pet owners. The low-cost microchip implant service, offered by Avids Angels Cat Rescue in affiliation with Animaldata, ensures that no cat or kitten is left without proper identification.

Microchipping has proven to be a lifesaver for countless pets, allowing them to be quickly reunited with their owners in case they go missing. With Avids Angels Cat Rescue’s extensive experience in feline welfare and Animaldata’s expertise in pet identification, pet owners can trust that their cats and kittens are in safe hands.

By offering this service, Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue and Animaldata are not only complying with the legal requirement but also contributing to a safer and more secure environment for our beloved feline friends. They hope to encourage all cat and kitten owners to take advantage of this opportunity before the 10th June 2024 deadline, ensuring that no cat gets lost without hope of being found.

All implantations are carried out using the smallest, anti-migrating 7mm chip developed for this market making it painless and all procedures are done following DEFRA strict guidelines with the highest standards of hygiene.

We can provide an at-home service via our appointment system so it’s less stressful for your beloved pet.

By having your pets microchipped with us you WILL be making a huge difference in helping Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue. 100 percent of the fee will go into helping us provide the necessary care for the animals who need our support.

Please feel free to contact us directly or send us a message to book your appointment or discuss further.

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