Leave A Gift In Your Will

As a non-profit organisation, Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue relies solely on the generosity of our amazing supporters and the donations they give to fund our work.


Without such wonderful supporters, we would be unable to save the lives of cats and make a difference to the many cats/kittens that come to us. We deeply appreciate your invaluable contribution; your support enables us to provide them with safe, loving, forever homes.


Legacy giving, or leaving a gift in your Will, is a way of ensuring that we can help as many cats as possible and will make a huge difference to the animals we rescue and rehome.


If you decide to leave a gift to us in your Will, any amount will make a great difference to the lives of the cats we help, and is also a way of ensuring your love for animals lives on. Leaving a small gift in your Will is a wonderful way to continue your support.


Your legacy will only be used for the benefit of our cats, ensuring that they can receive the best possible care that we can provide.


Please consider Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue in your Will.

Advice on Leaving a Legacy

When writing or amending your Will, we recommend speaking with a solicitor to ensure that your wishes are met.


Here is some information to help you decide what is best for you:

Different Types of Legacy

There are 3 main types of gift you can make from your Will:

1) Residuary Legacy

This is where you leave the remainder of your estate, minus any other gifts and costs, to a beneficiary.


2) Pecuniary Legacy

This means you specify an exact amount of money you wish to be given to a particular beneficiary.


3) Specific Legacy

You have the option of leaving a particular item to a beneficiary (For example, a piece of jewellery, a painting, property, etc.)

Can I amend my existing Will?

If you already have a Will in place, you can add a short document to your Will called a Codicil stating your wishes in relation to your gift to charity from your estate.  Alternatively, if you are yet to write a will then you can ask the solicitor preparing your will to include your gift to Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue in your will.

We ask that you kindly inform us about your planned donation to Avid’s Angels Cat Rescue. This will not only help us with future planning but also allow us to express our gratitude and acknowledge your meaningful connection with our organisation.

Thank you