Dave Profile
Date Added: 17 May 2024
Status: Available
Age: Approx. 2 years old
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Can I live with dogs? I haven’t lived with a dog before
Indoor/Outdoor: Either indoor or outdoor
Can I live with children? Yes, over 5 years of age
Can I live with cats? Yes, with slow introductions

A Little Bit About Me

This handsome boy, Dave, came into our rescue very recently as he a stray. We were contacted by a vet practice, where his stay with them was coming to an end; his time was ‘up’ as can sadly be the case with unclaimed strays who cannot be reunited with their owners or found a loving home. We could not allow this to happen, so we stepped in to find Dave the home he truly deserves. No animal deserves to lose their life due to being unwanted!


Approximately 2 years old, Dave is currently living in a family home with young children; he does like to hide away from them but has shown no ill intent towards them – he just likes his peace and quiet and to be left to do what he wants of his own accord.


Dave is an all black, beautiful male cat. He has recently lost some fur on his sides and under his belly due to stress/trauma from being on the streets, but after being health checked there are no concerns and it will successfully grow back in time.


Dave loves to sleep under the cat tower or at patio doors where he likes to watch the changing weather through the window. He prefers wet food over dry food, although he will happily eat both.


Dave is able to live with other cats, however slow introductions will be needed as he likes to hide himself away. He could possibly be either an indoor or outdoor cat, but he has shown an interest in venturing outdoors whilst in foster care as he is always watching out of the windows. Dave may well be happy to remain indoors with some home comforts from now on, but potential adopters should be aware that he may like to go outdoors in the future and be patient with him.


Dave has never lived with a dog before, so he is looking for a dog-free home.


Are you willing to provide Dave with the happy ending he so deserves?



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