Trixie & Beauty

Trixie & Beauty

Trixie & Beauty Profile
Date Added: 21 January 2024
Status: Available
Age: Trixie: Just over 4 months old; Beauty: Almost 9 months old
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Both Female
Colour: Trixie: Calico; Beauty: Black Ghost Tabby
Can I live with dogs? We haven’t lived with a dog before
Indoor/Outdoor: See written profile
Can I live with children? Yes – sensible, gentle children aged 10 years and above
Can I live with cats? Yes

A Little Bit About Me

Trixie and Beauty are looking for a home together. Trixie is just over 4 months old and is a beautiful calico kitten. Beauty is almost 9 months old and is a beautiful black ghost tabby. They are not related but have become a bonded pair whilst in foster.


Trixie and Beauty are playful, energetic bundles of fun, who love chasing each other around the house and playing with their toys. They are both super-affectionate when they’ve worn themselves out!


Trixie, is very confident, cheeky, fun and loving. She is sassy and has a lot to say for herself. She has no fear and is regularly found on top of doors and wardrobes! But she also likes snuggling up for fusses.


As Beauty was once semi-feral, she is still a little cautious, but when you’ve gained her trust, she is the most affectionate, loyal kitty you could wish for and, with a bit of time and love, you will gain her confidence. She is the softest kitty and will cuddle up to you for fusses. She is very loyal and respectful. After 2 months in foster, she still hisses, but 5 minutes later will be on her back letting you tickle her tummy!


Both of them have the softest fur and the biggest purrs. They are also very clean kittens. Trixie and Beauty are currently indoor-only cats; in terms of being able to venture outdoors in the future, Trixie has no sense of danger and would be more suited to being an indoor-only cat unless she is living in a remote area. Beauty is more sensible and could cope with either scenario.


Trixie and Beauty have never encountered dogs, therefore they are looking for a dog-free home. They have lived successfully with another, much older cat who can be a bit grumpy with them, but they get the message quickly and back off straight away. Of the two, Beauty has a better sense of the ‘limits’ tolerated by the older cat.


We would also suggest that any children in the household are older and cat-savvy, being aware of how to behave around a nervous cat.


As Beauty is still skittish, she will require a patient, experienced adopter who is willing to give her the time and space she needs to flourish. She is a real softy now!



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Trixie & Beauty



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Trixie & Beauty





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