Alex Profile
Date Added: 30 April 2024
Status: Available
Age: Approx. 1.5 years old
Breed: Chinchilla Persian
Gender: Male
Colour: Silver
Can I live with dogs? Possibly, with very slow, supervised introductions
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Can I live with children? Yes, aged 10 years and above
Can I live with cats? No – I prefer my own company

A Little Bit About Me

Alex is a gorgeous silver Chinchilla Persian male who is approximately 1.5 years old.


Alex came in to us recently with his 2 other siblings through no fault of their own as their owner had sadly passed away. In the weeks leading up to his owner’s passing, Alex had been left to fend for himself and he ended up in a terrible state with big matts and knots in his fur – Persians require daily grooming, a lot of commitment, and dedication to their care.


He has recently been shaved and groomed due to his fur becoming very matted and tangled, so he is not looking his usual self just yet. Alex is quite a fluffy boy, so watch how he blooms over a period of time when his fur starts to grow back! He is truly a gorgeous, fluffy, stunning boy.


Alex loves the cat scratcher post and often plays with a scratch board; he loves to catch the balls in it when they spin round and round. He is a joy to have around the house.


Currently living in a busy household with younger cats and toddler children, Alex has displayed signs of not taking well to other cats, therefore we feel it would be in his best interests to be the only cat in the home. Alex would benefit from a calm environment with slow introductions to older children over 10 years old, or a child-free home.


Although Alex has never lived with a dog before we think it may be possible for him to live with a small, calm dog, providing that introductions are supervised and very slow.


Alex would benefit from a family home with older children 10+, or a child-free home.


Experience of owning Persians is preferred as Alex is very high-maintenance and will require daily grooming and commitment to his care. Therefore, we would recommend that anyone considering adopting Alex researches the breed before completing an application form as Persians require a lot of time and dedication.



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